Land And People

Southland is a rich, diverse collection of people and landscapes that you won’t find anywhere else.

One of the largest regions in New Zealand, Southland’s vast array of lakes, rivers, mountains and open plains make it a place of incomparable and unique beauty. Its rugged coastline, stretching a staggering 3,400 kilometres is one of Southland’s most treasured assets; mostly free of development and home to countless species of native wildlife, it invites visitors back to nature in tranquil surroundings.

Although visitors traditionally come to Southland for its landscape, they stay for its people. Invercargill is known as The Friendly City for its warm, welcoming and colourful locals who provide high quality hospitality.  The combination of friendly locals, serene surroundings and wide open spaces is a great opportunity to find kinship and restore the soul.


Explore the rich and colourful heritage via the eight heritage trails that weave throughout Southland.

Great outdoors

With so many places to go and things to do, the only hard thing is choosing between them.


Southland has some wild places.  Visit them and get up close with the creatures that live there.


Southland is the ultimate food destination, with mouth-watering food experiences around every corner.

Iconic South

From our treasured national icon the kiwi, to our world famous Bluff oyster, here is a select list of “must see” southern icons.