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Collective Vision

Fri 18 May 2018 - Sat 16 Jun 2018
Tues - Friday: 10am - 5pm, Sat - 12pm - 3.30pm
All ages

IPAG is excited to bring you 'Collective Vision', a selection of photographic works by eight A Grade members of the Southland Photographic Society (SPS). 

Currently there are 70 members in the SPS, ranging from beginners to more experienced members. The club runs regular photographic competitions where images are assessed and awarded points for Acceptance, Merit and Honours. Once members have accumulated enough points they graduate from C Grade, through B Grade and onto A Grade.

Photographers who achieve the status of A Grade have made it to the top of the SPS competitions and often branch out to do their own personal work that may not necessarily be for club viewing or competitions. For those that do enter competitions, success is not necessarily their goal. Rather, it is more the desire to create and share their art. Others may have opportunities to exhibit their works and offer them for sale, but for many, they may never exhibit in a public setting.

'Collective Vision' is about providing an opportunity to do just this, by showcasing a selection of works from eight members of the SPS who have achieved this status. For these photographers, their chosen medium has helped them find their own personal view of the world and allowed them to express it in a unique way. This exhibition celebrates the dedication and commitment that has been shown by these artists when undertaking their craft, which has led to the A Grade status they now hold.


Sarah Brown



Pop-up Invercargill Public Art Gallery

5 Don St, Invercargill
Pop-up Invercargill Public Art Gallery

5 Don St, Invercargill
New Zealand