Tokoeka Bed and Breakfast boasts one of the best views on Stewart Island, overlooking Oban village, Halfmoon Bay and the ocean beyond. Tokoeka was built in 2000 and is the only brick home on the island made from 112 year old brick. Tokoeka's gardens are full of native birds giving you the opportunity to experience Tui and the friendly Kaka first hand. Just 3 minutes’ walk to main shopping, restaurants and booking outlets you will be sure to have easy access to experience all the island has to offer. A true southern style breakfast will help set you up for the day. Come and enjoy a piece of paradise in this beautiful part of the world.

Kiwi Host certified

-46.9012602, 168.1268532

30 Excelsior Road
New Zealand

+64 3 219 1143

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