“The Whistling Frog Resort” (also known as the "McLean Falls Holiday Park" and "Catlins Kiwi Holiday Park") was established in 2006, after the Southern Scenic Route was tar sealed. “The Whistling Frog Cafe & Bar” followed soon after, featuring a range of chef-prepared gourmet meals. Both establishments are owned and operated by the Bridson Family & extended family and are constantly growing and improving. 

We have many events, gigs, parties, movie nights and more, being held over the winter and summer months. Everyone that stays with us enjoys the clean, crisp air, fresh rain water, abundance of wildlife and native birds singing outside in the rainforest, and the many walks in the area to waterfalls, beaches and caves.

The Catlins are home to the introduced Tasmanian tree frog called “The Whistling Frog (Litoria verreauxii)”, which in fact do whistle and can be seen in their natural habitat if you are lucky. We have also named our cafe after these tiny tree frogs, as we too have been introduced to the beautiful Catlins Rainforest.

 Being an “eco-wise” establishment, we do our best to renew, reuse and recycle. We collect all of our own rainwater that Mother Nature provides and filter it to bring you the purest water we can. Please remember that water is a valuable resource here and we need your help to save it where ever possible. We also have a “NZ made” glass crusher, which we use to turn all of the cafe glass as well as our guests glass bottles back into sand. You may have seen the colourful sparkling sand distributed around the holiday park and outside of the cafe.

 Most of the accommodation buildings in the holiday park have been “recycled and renewed” with a Kiwiana flair.  The “Curio Cabins” for example were once the single man’s quarters while working on the construction of the Manapouri Powerstation in the 1960s. After the completion of the dam in 1971, the cabins were sent by helicopter around the south island, we were lucky enough to get 12 of them.

Our motel block was once the top story of the Luxmore Hotel in Te Anau, which was then demolished and rebuilt. The motel had to be cut in half for transport and instead of joining it back up, we decided to build a communal kitchen for the motel guests to enjoy. Our “Staff Only” housekeeping building was once a classroom at the Invercargill Polytechnic and lastly our amenities block was once part of the Karitane campground, just north of Dunedin.

We maintain a culinary garden and run a functioning farm consisting of sheep, cattle and free range chickens. We grow, harvest and produce as much of our ingredients as possible that we prepare into delicious meals for you to enjoy, using many edible flowers to enhance the dining experience and add a little fun to our dishes. Kamahi honey is also collected on the farm and can be purchased from the Whistling Frog Cafe.

With the new introduction of Craft Beer on tap, you can now relax in our hop garden, where hops are in fact being grown, while sampling our two house beers:                        “The Whistling Frog Golden Lager” and “McLean Falls Ale”. 

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the lovely sounds of nature. 
The Bridson Family

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9 Rewcastle Road, Papatowai
The Catlins
New Zealand

+64 3 415 8668