The Cwtch - 'Hut' in an Art Gallery

Budget accommodation for those who like it basic. The Cwtch, ‘Hut in a Gallery’ is located in Tuatapere, gateway to Southern Fiordland on the Southern Scenic route.

About the same size as an old forest service four bunk hut and featuring rustic home built bunks you could be forgiven for thinking you were out in the wilderness already (you are actually in an art gallery).  A bathroom just down the path reminds you that you still have the convenience of modern plumbing. There is also a small lounge area for you to relax in.

The real wilderness awaits you in Fiordland National Park. Tuatapere is the southern gateway to Fiordland and Greg can provide good information about where and how to access and enjoy all that this wild corner of the world offers.

This is Basic no frills accommodation. A mattress and toilet/shower, not even a kitchen. You need to provide your own bedding and towels and eat out at one of the many good food outlets around town which are only a couple of minutes walk away.

The Cwtch is the ideal place for the adventurer to begin and end their Fiordland adventure. The word cwtch literally means ‘A safe place to rest’.
Booking is through Airbnb/The Cwtch,Hut in a gallery.


The CWTCH (said “Kutch” rhymes with “Butch”) is a Welsh word which means at its most basic level a “Hug”.  The Art in the Cwtch will ‘hug’ you, give you the warm fuzzies or at least get past your head and into your emotions.

Original Art by the Owners Tammy Taylor and Greg Wilson, is refreshingly different whilst encompassing many different forms.  A gallery for those who want to be challenged, the term ‘Terra incognita, beyond here lies dragons’ is an apt description. 

Each piece Tammy creates reveals a story. A story of the many parts it was created from. Using mainly recycled objects, paper and fabric Tammy creates stories unique to the individual piece, stories stemming from the history of the bits and pieces used to create something new. Tammy’s Art reveals her multi-faceted talents with Large abstract oils and fine watercolours to steampunk inspired sculpture and a variety of collage and fibre/textile creations. She also makes unique boutique bears and gorgeous dolls. 

Greg’s poetry and photography focuses on his relationship with the landscapes and wildlife of the wilderness around him.

There is something here for everyone, a true surprise at the end of the world.

-46.1336609, 167.6878672

6 Ferry Road
New Zealand

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