If you want to see fields of tulips blooming, lots of little lambs frolicking or an abundance of native birds play, Southland in the spring season is a must for any nature lover. Discover some of our top Southland Spring experiences and enjoy the best moments that mother natural in all her beauty has to offer.

Check out new life on a farm tour

If you love cute newborn lambs, calves, ducklings and chicks, spring is the ultimate time to book your farm tour experience. The lush new spring growth and plenty of happy mothers and newborns will keep you entertained for hours.

Spot Hoiho in The Catlins

Observe Hoiho Yellow Eyed Penguins as they come ashore on the 180-million-year-old Petrified Forest at Curio Bay in The Catlins. Yellow Eyed Penguins start preparing the new nest for the season in August with eggs typically laid in early spring. Over spring you will see both parents take turns incubating on the shore at Curio Bay. The South Catlin’s Charitable Trust is usually on-site to answer any questions during the breeding season.

Listen to the bird song on Ulva Island

With the snow finally melted, increased food supply and rising temperature, spring is the ultimate bird spotters dream season. With an increased activity as the birds start mating for the season, keen listeners will be able to hear the mating calls of many of our endangered native New Zealand birds such as the South Island Saddleback, Yellowhead, Rifleman, Stewart Island Robin, and Stewart Island Brown Kiwi.

Southland tulips in bloom

Each spring the largest tulip farm in the country opens its doors to the public to view more than 30 varieties of vibrant and colourful tulips at the Triflor NZ's open day. Labour Day is the one day a year visitors can get up close and personal with the flowers that will later be harvested for their bulbs and exported to the United States and Europe.  

Visit Queens Park

The pride of Invercargill is Queens Park, a magnificent public park in the heart of the city. The park sprawls across 80 hectares of beautifully kept gardens. Highlights of this New Zealand Garden of National Significance include a stunning rose garden, a rhododendron dell, and an azalea garden that all are blooming in spring. While you are here don’t forget to check out the duck pond and see the new-season ducklings trailing along behind their mother duck.

Waterfall Country

Waterfalls in Southland come alive in spring. From east to west, north to south, there are plenty of waterfalls to see. Home to the largest waterfalls in New Zealand – Sutherland Falls (580m) or Browne Falls (836m) (depending on who you believe) and potentially the smallest falls – Niagara Falls, there are options to suit everyone.

Learn to fly fish

Few anglers can resist the lure - clear, clean rivers and streams teeming with trout ribbon the Southland region. Southland is a fishing paradise that attracts anglers from across the globe to its clear-running, trout-laden rivers. With many Southland rivers coming into open season, spring is the perfect time to get out on the water with a local guide and hook some of our world-renowned trout.

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