Coastal Ultra

Coastal Ultra - Events - The Catlins

Nothing beats that feeling of seeing something spectacular, and knowing your legs and determination got you there to see it.

The Coastal Ultra is a unique opportunity to see behind the curtain of the wild, beautiful and rugged Catlins coastline - with almost all of the courses run through private land that is only opened up for this marquee event.

It’s a breath-taking combination of untamed wilderness with monumental cliffs, ancient swamp-like estuaries and stunning beaches coupled with remnants of the pioneering spirit that forged a path through seemingly impenetrable countryside.

A nutritious slice of the real New Zealand, just waiting to be devoured.

Next event date: March 2023
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As part of the Ultra NZ Series you’re guaranteed pristine landscapes, distracting views and wicked challenges.

The 71km course starts beneath the towering majesty of the iconic Cathedral Caves, winding its way around rugged headlands and beautiful bays all the way to the finish line at picturesque Curio Bay.

If something a little shorter but no less sedate tickles your fancy, the 50km and 25km mid-range courses are beauties, taking in cliffs, beautiful bays and plenty of other stunning scenery along the way.

And for those who like the look of the 15km, the organisers aren’t kidding when they say it may be the shorter option, but there's plenty crammed into its ups and downs and ins and outs.

Maybe you want to set yourself a challenge - a goal to achieve no matter how big or small.

Bouncing along in the comfort of your favourite running shoes - you won’t know yourself as you crank up the sounds while taking in the roughly hewn Catlins coastline. 

Tune out of the craziness going on in the world around you, but do watch your step.

It’s all about respecting the course - as you wriggle your way past jutted headlands and sweeping bays.

It’s the perfect outlet for that pent up energy, where you can push yourself and say: “I can’t believe I did that - but I did”.

Time is but a concept as you disappear into your trail space - your mind relaxing as the good vibes begin to flow.

Slow down, walk if you need to, try spot a shipwreck or two, remember to eat - and check out that scenery. It’s unreal.

There’ll be tough moments, nothing worthwhile comes easy, so take it one step at a time - and remember to look out for those tree roots and rocks.

Maybe you want to be on the podium - that’s cool - but it’s the cool places and amazing views you’ll cherish forever.

Get wet, get muddy, take lots of photos, and savour that cold one with a smile on your face as you share special memories with an awesome Ultra crew.

While you’re down this way, you must explore everything that makes this rugged and untouched corner of New Zealand so magnetic. You’ll find a world of native forests fringed by high cliffs, deserted sandy beaches, sparkling bays, cascading waterfalls, hidden lakes, blowholes, caves, picturesque lighthouses and even a petrified forest.

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