Define Your Event

A clear goal and vision plays an important role for strategy, funding, and planning

Before you start any planning, make sure you can be specific about why your event should take place. This will help you determine the purpose of the event and give it a clearly defined goal.

Whether your event is to raise money, generate new volunteers, increase awareness about another venture, or raise public awareness, clarifying the purpose will ensure you have a clear goal for staging the event and help you deliver an event vision.

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Establishing a clear vision and goal for your event 

An event vision is an idealized picture of the event outcome and it expresses the event's reason for existence.

If you are having trouble defining your goal, ask yourself these questions:

Why should your event take place?
What is your event about?
What need does your event fulfil?
What do you want the end result to be?
Who will benefit from your event? A number of different groups could benefit in different ways.

Create your event vision

The reason behind every decision made about your event should come back to check whether it aligns with your event vision. Your event vision will encompass the consumer need, objectives, look and feel, and what you want the attendees to get out of the event. It will identify the purpose of the event but also be engaging, challenging and inspiring. 

Engage the people around you

It’s never too early to gain insight from others and bounce your idea around! Engage the people around you who have different talents and experience, and utilise their knowledge. Their thoughts and opinions may help you determine your purpose, goal and vision.

If your friend is a great photographer engage him or her to take photos of relevant things so you can then use them on your new website or social media channels; if you have a friend who works in the field of marketing ask her for ideas; if you have a friend in council ask him or her for advice on consents you might need.

If you can engage those closest to you in your event, then you are well on the way to being able to engage the public to attend.

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