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Men's Muster Fiordland


Charge up your engine! 

Note the date change to August 2022

Camaraderie, challenge, education and achievement - does this sound like something for you? All in the picturesque, lakeside location of Te Anau, Fiordland. It’s not a retreat, it’s fun. Three days of great times and good, basic lifestyle tweaks.

Men's Muster is an event designed for kiwi blokes, delivered in a relaxed, fun style with loads of laughs. It’s about building on your strengths, for you, your family and your community. The feedback from 2021 speaks for itself - “Amazing - best three days of 2021”; “Next level event!”; “Interesting, varied, engaging, bonding, confronting, brilliant and worthwhile. Thank you so many times over.”

Unleash your inner problem-solver as you set about some light-hearted hunter-gathering tasks and feel energized as you experience an array of speakers, like Sir Wayne "Buck" Shelford.

No-one questions maintaining their car. So why don't we apply the same principle to our bodies? Doing regular wee "tune ups" are a lot easier than leaving things to go bang. The right fuel, maintenance (sleep, rest, movement) and not ignoring the lights on our dashboard (mood, pain, unexplained changes), all help!

The programme for Men's Muster Fiordland 2022 is available at www.mensmuster.com and tickets are on sale now, with early bird pricing available until 01 Feb 2022  🎥 watch this video to see what went down at Men's Muster last year https://youtu.be/GOqGaMbhF_M

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Men's Muster Fiordland
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Sam McBride
0274 784 699