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Urzila Carlson - Token African


Africans have become the new must have accessory.  Okay, not really, but everyone knows one, works with one or has a sister that's dating one of us.  What makes you African?  Is it enough that you're born there?  Do you need to be able to dance?  Why does being South African not register as African in most places?  You're thinking about it right now aren't you?  Questioning it.

Africa changes people.  People who visit to game reserves wear ranger outfits… why is that?  We don't wear scrubs when going to the doctor… Africa puts things in perspective, this show will help you find that focus, delivered to you by a Token African.

"Carlson is a gifted and accomplished comedian - an absolute must-see."

- Appetite for the Arts

"Belly laughs and guffaws aplenty" Five stars.

- The Music

"Effortlessly likeable... stream of belly-laughs."

- The Age



For further information contact the ICC Booking Office, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill, Phone (03) 211 1692.

An allocated seating event at the Civic Theatre, 88 Tay Street, Invercargill.


Applies to Senior Citizens and Tertiary Students only.  Suitable ID may be requested at time of entry, so please ensure you have this with you.


Back Stalls (all seats)

Front Stalls (all seats)

Other areas of the auditorium may be opened if ticket sales demand it.

Pick-up Tickets

To collect internet or phone booked pick-up tickets in advance of the performance please visit the ICC Booking Office,101 Esk Street, Invercargill after 2.00pm the day following purchase (on business working days).  All tickets booked for pick-up on the day of an event must be collected from the venue in the hour before the event commences.

Wheelchair Seats

Please contact the ICC Booking Office.  We recommend you purchase your seat early to avoid disappointment.

Show Running Time

To be confirmed.

Door Sales

Box Office ticket sales available (subject to availability) from 1 hour prior to the show start time.


There will be no intermission for this event, but drinks and snacks will be available to purchase before the show commences.

Photography & Filming

The use of cameras/videos and other recording devices is not permitted.  All devices must be switched off prior to entering the auditorium.


Tickets to all events at this venue must be purchased from TICKETDIRECT or TICKET ROCKET or an affiliated local agency. Tickets purchased through a third party or unauthorised seller will result in your tickets being void and your access into the event being restricted.

Ticket Details
Adult $39.99; Concession $38.00 (Seniors and Tertiary Students with ID)
Ticket Outlet
ICC Booking Office, 101 Esk Street, Invercargill, Ph (03) 211 1692, or online with TicketDirect or Ticket Rocket
Contact / Organiser
Invercargill Venue & Events Management Ltd
(03) 211 1777

Civic Theatre

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Civic Theatre

88 Tay Street