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Using Body Language as a De-escalation Technique - NEW

8:30 - 10:00 AM or 10:30 - 12:00 PM

This session will be useful for anyone working, or leading in customer environments or facing the general public. 

All of us are presented at times with unpredictable, aggressive, or inappropriate people. In recent times this appears to have been exacerbated in retail and customer facing environments. Aggressive outbursts, inappropriate language and comments, unacceptable behaviour… and much worse, becoming more common place.

Many reasons are being offered for this behaviour. This session will help you to be, (and feel) more prepared the next time it happens by teaching you the following conflict resolution and de-escalation techniques:

  • Recognising the early warning signs so that you can take preventative measures sooner and before it escalates
  • Keeping yourself safe physically, and mentally by proper use of proxemics (space), hand signals, directional body language, tone, and set up of the customer interaction/experience within the business
  • Slowing down intense emotional reactivity in yourself (breathing, tone, pitch and speed of speech, words to avoid). Owning your own communication pre-conditions and understanding how that might help or hinder your personal encode (what body language you send out to people)
  • Slowing down intense emotional reactivity in others (venting length, tone and speed of speech, spacing/proxemics/different zones, reflective listening and affirmations, the when, who and how of saying sorry)
  • What to do after it’s all over, reflection, de-brief.

"In the session, I’m going to show you the techniques, you’re going to practice them, and you’ll leave with a tool kit of things you can use right away. Along with a help sheet to remind you later." - Stephanie Holloway, Facilitator

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