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X Factor Cars Riverside Speedway 15 Jan


X Factor Cars Riverside Speedway

190 Sandy Point Road, Invercargill

Southern Six Shooter Series Round

Brett Cooper Memorial Modified Sprints

Best pairs for Youth Saloons

Southland Champs Productions

Southland Summer Wheels Guide 2022

Do you want more wheely good events like this? Well you’ll be sure to join us then this summer and discover Southland events, wheels style! Whether you are a rider, driver, or a classic car reviver, we’ve created this Southland Summer Wheels Guide for you! Southland is the ultimate destination to immerse yourself in all things wheels, tyres and treads. Be sure to check out the Southland Summer Wheels Guide 2022 to discover these offerings and more!

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gate sales only
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gate sales only
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Daryl Shuttleworth
027 489 2892