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Revenant Ultra Adventure Run

Announced on the day

The Revenant is a Ultra Adventure Run held on the 17-19 of January 2020 where a small elite field of athletes try and finish 4 laps covering a distance of more than 190km and 16,000m of vertical ascent. Competitors navigate the course using only a map and compass. No electronic devices of any kind are allowed. No watches are allowed. The race is fully unsupported. No one has finished the race. Competitors will gather at the Garston Hotel at 15.00hrs on the 16th of January for the pre-race briefing. Everyone is welcome to come along and join in the fun at the briefing and watch the unique pre-race protocols. People are also welcome to come to the Start/Finish area to watch the competitors begin their journey and watch them as they try and beat the course over the allowed 60 hours. The competitors come from New Zealand and overseas and include some of our Defence Force as well representation from the US Navy Seals. Come along and see if anyone can finish this year.....we doubt it...but you never know. 

Contact / Organiser
Scott Worthington

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Welcome Rock Trails

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