Holiday Home

The Hunker Bunker

132B Te Anau-Milford Highway, Te Anau

The Hunker Bunker is off the main grid. We have a solar powered lighting system and a small solar powered fridge. Although there is no TV, there is free WiFi and a place to charge electronic devices. Because this cottage is in the country, it is very quiet (apart from the sounds of farm animals) and at night it is very dark. This is brilliant for viewing the stars, but may make it difficult to sleep for city dwellers who are used to streetlights and traffic noise. Our solar lights can’t run throughout the night, so if you need a light on when you are sleeping, please use the torch or lanterns provided.

We are not permitted to take more than 5 guests in total due to local council rules.

The Hunker Bunker
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Tue 26 Jun 2018
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