Historic Building

Flemings Creamoata Mill

4 Gorton Street, Gore

Established in 1878 to mill a large crop of wheat grown by the NZ Agricultural Company, the mill later specialised in processing locally grown oats. Its famous Creamoata brand was developed in the early 1900s and mascot Sergeant Dan the Creamoata Man made his appearance in the 1920s. Although now owned by a large food conglomerate, the name Flemings is still retained from the time when the Mill was owned and managed by the local Fleming family. The Mill has suffered numerous fires and rebuilding in its long history. The earliest structure still remaining is the 1892 four storied building fronting Gorton Street. The 28 metre chimney dates from 1912 and was constructed by John Day of Gore using 34,000 bricks.

Flemings Creamoata Mill
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