Fat Bastard Pies

(03) 218 9889
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158 Tay Street, Invercargill

Fat Bastard Pies is a local institution offering handcrafted cake, coffee, and of course iconic Fat Bastard Pies. There is a line out the door most lunchtimes, but it never takes long to get through. That’s the great thing about getting a piping hot pie in a brown paper bag, there is no waiting around.

With all the iconic kiwi classics and adventurous fresh flavours, Fat Bastard Pies is not just a bakery, but a piece of Southland.  Local Fat Bastards grab their pie and scurry off back to work. Visitors tend to hang around more, taking a stool in-store and immersing themselves in pastry goodness. Many visitors take the opportunity to grab a photo in front of the Fat Bastard sign, purchase Fat Bastard Pies apparel, or stock up with a box of cold pies for the road. You can view Fat Bastards pie flavours here:

Open Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 4:00pm. Closed Weekends

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