Cruise ship in Bluff
Cruise ship in Bluff - Credit South Port NZ Ltd

Tips for developing cruise products

The cruise sector has the potential to offer significant benefits to your business.

As it is a unique sector that is extremely seasonal, it's worth considering the following when thinking about developing your product offering: 

Don’t under-price your product

The cruise market is recognised as being highly affluent and often the price of an experience or attraction is used as an indication of quality.  Keep in mind that these travellers and prepared to spend more and may not be interested in your product if it is priced to low.

Consider bundles and product packages

Cruise patrons are likely to be more attracted to products and experiences that include all on-shore logistics. If you can coordinate transport, catering (if required) and your product/ attraction into one booking, this makes for a worry-free excursion option. Keep in mind that some of your potential partners could already be working with the cruise industry

Be aware of advanced bookings

Cruise bookings can be made up to two years in advance. New product activation timelines can vary between one night to three years based on demand.

Don’t purely focus on cruise

The cruise sector should be able to complement or act as a ‘cherry on top’ of your existing business idea. It’s a way to diversify your offering and support the service you offer to other markets all year round.

Access support for product development

If you are interested in learning about the resources and advice available to help you with your product development journey, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Great South – the regional tourism and regional development organisation.