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.22 Jungle Lane & NZ Rifleman's Challenge



.22 Jungle Lane

A Field Shoot for .22 riles. 8-10 hours of shooting, followed by dinner and prizegiving social evening. This event is suitable for new shooters, novices, children, family groups as well as experienced shooters.

We shoot in all weather, there will be NO cancellation for bad weather. The shoot is for .22 Long Rifle rimfire only. NO .22 magnums or 17’s, sorry, but these damage my targets.

The intention is to make the shoot very user friendly, great for kids and new shooters wanting to have fun and learn something new but the shoot also has to be challenging enough to keep the more experienced shooters on their toes.

We are are planning, a 2.0 km long Jungle Lane (JL) with approximately 20 shooting positions. Targets will be set from 15 yards to 300+ yards. All targets are reactive, so shooters do not need to leave the firing line.



A full day’s shooting with your choice of firearm. Plenty of fast fun shooting action. Lunch is provided on the range. Shoot with a scoped .22 or any calibre centerfire iron sight rifle. This really is a fun and challenging event. Prize presentation at the completion of shooting, on the range.

This is a competition for centerfire rifles with Open or Iron sights Only. There is also a Scoped .22 event, and semiautomatic .22’s are allowed.

Any action type, bolt guns can compete side by side with, lever actions, pump action, all are acceptable, you decide what to shoot.


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