Heritage Trail

Northern Southland Heritage Trail

Kent Street, Kingston

Travelling by car, visit the 15 heritage sites on this trail that spans a distance of 110km between Kingston and the Josephville Hill. Along the way enjoy an expanse of plains, crossed by rivers and surrounded by majestic mountains.

Pakeha pioneers came to this region in the mid 1850s, cutting down and burning the bush to create farm land. Building basic dwellings first, they later established homesteads, many of which still stand today. Prior to this, Maori came to the plains for hunting and fishing, or passed through on pounamu (greenstone) expeditions into Fiordland. 

In later years, many of the larger farm runs were split up into smaller units. When the railway came through to Kingston in 1878, it marked the real birth of the area, bringing prosperity to the district by ways of employment and the opening up of further land tracts for habitation and farming.

Download a pdf version of the Northern Southland Heritage Trail here

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