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6 Hill Road, Lumsden

Our Roastery, HQ and Depot is located in Lumsden, a small town in the heart of Southland. It's a long way from the green belt of coffee and from where some of our beans originate but here we are!

Southland is home to good people. People who work hard, love their land and generations that never leave. Roar Coffee pays homage to these folk. Life and 'a way of life' is celebrated in the Deep South. Everything is something, whether it's Whitebaiting Season, Duck Shooting Weekends or the famous Stag ROAR! Hard graft, integrity and great things come from Southland. And now we bring you excellent coffee; we don’t want to get too fancy! So if you are looking for some ground coffee for your plunger, some to take bush with the boys on a hunting trip or if you are a cafe that is missing a familiar brand or approach in your business...here we are!

Roar Coffee
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