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Welcome Rock Trails

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Nevis Road, Garston

A visit to Welcome Rock is remote, exhilarating and unforgettable. 

Welcome Rock is a hand-built, stunning, private, single-track trail on a high country station just 45 minutes from Queenstown, created for cross country mountain biking and hiking with accommodation along the way.

We are a fourth-generation farming family who have owned Blackmore Station since 1911. We welcome you onto our nationally-protected area. Enjoy breath-taking panoramic views, a rich gold mining history, hand restored trails and guided tours (jeep tours, walking tours, dog tours).

Suitable for self-guided walkers, runners, mountain bikers and all types of adventure seekers, our trail gets you off of the beaten track and away from the crowds. 

The trail is 27kms in length (21kms hand-built with a pick and shovel). It follows the old gold miner’s water races (a water race is a channel cut across a hillside to bring water from streams to places where gold was mined).

While you can visit the trail for a day trip, you are also able to overnight in one of our backcountry accommodation options or farm stay; turning your journey into a multi-day adventure. 

Please Note: Prior payment and booking online is required before embarking on your journey on the trail.


This trail is considered a Grade 3 - Intermediate trail based on the Kennett Brothers grading system which is widely used by New Zealand riders. For more information on the grading go here.

Welcome Rock Trails
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Wed 6 Oct 2021
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