Curio Bay - Info viewpoint
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Things to Do in The Catlins

The main draw of The Catlins is the region’s stunning and abundant natural attractions; waterfalls and bays galore, caves, cliffs, blowholes, hidden lakes, wetlands and even a petrified forest. Numerous short walking tracks help visitors explore these wonders.

Wildlife spotting is a highlight, particularly observing Whakahao New Zealand Sea Lions and the rare Hoiho Yellow-Eyed Penguin. Photographing these creatures is a must for most, as well as capturing snaps of the region’s two historic lighthouses and posing for a picture with the sign at Slope Point, the southernmost point of the South Island of New Zealand. Quirky galleries, local museums, a heritage trail, horse trekking, farm tours, surfing, and a llama-fleece gallery (with the opportunity to feed the friendly llamas), are just some of the interesting things to see and do in The Catlins.

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