Water Adventures

Surfing - Dolphin - The Catlins
Great South

Southland is a region shaped by water, its residents and their past-times, the industry and wilderness, all its uniqueness is based on this power of nature. From the snow-capped mountains, flowing rivers patrolled by trout, the deepest of lakes, cascading waterfalls in rainforests and fiords, sheltered bays for contemplation, or rugged coastlines with force of the great Southern Ocean, Southland is flowing with opportunities. 

  • Walking a short hike to see one of the many lakes and waterfalls.
  • Kayaking or on a harbour cruise watch for marine life.
  • Unleashing the adrenalin on river jet boat.
  • Taking the children to one of our swimming pools or safe swimming beaches
  • Trying your luck with a rod or dive for some of local delicacies from our waters.
  • Suiting up for the epic swells surfing around Invercargill and Colac Bay.
  • Surf with Hector's dolphins in Curio Bay
  • Relaxing at comfortable dry spot with your favourite book by the coast.
  • Test your nerves with cage diving with Great White Sharks