Aihe Wildlife Cruises and Water Taxi, offers small group wildlife and scenic cruises within Paterson Inlet, Stewart Island and pelagic birding tours around offshore islands.  Customised options are also available.  Our business is locally owned and operated.

Our leisurely cruises include: Paterson Inlet Wildlife Cruise, Scenic Cruise and Norwegian Whalers' Base Guided Walk, Glory Cove Scenic Cruise and Ocean Beach Guided Walk, Freshwater River Cruise, Salmon and Mussel Farm Cruise.  

Enjoy wildlife encounters with penguins, albatrosses, cormorants, seals, dolphins, terns and other sea birds.

Take a thrilling wilderness adventure on our Freshwater River - Mason Bay Fly / Boat Package.  Dependent on tides and daylight hours.

Water taxi charters are offered to Ulva Island, Freshwater Landing, Port William, North Arm, Freds Camp, Millars Beach and the Norwegian Whalers’ Base and other destinations.


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