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New Zealanders love their coffee, you might think we're a tea drinking nation (hello British heritage) but over the past few decades coffee has surpassed tea as our favourite hot drink.

This increased popularity of coffee has seen new cafés and coffee roasting spots popping up all over the country. And this is no different in Southland with close to 80 cafés to get your daily caffeine fix.

So if you're looking for a good cup of coffee here are some must visit places in Southland.

New Zealanders will go the extra distance to get their daily fix of caffeine, because the café is almost as important as the coffee itself. Whether they get it from a "hole-in-the-wall" place barely big enough to fit a coffee machine and its operator, or brand new stylish spots with lounge-style seating serving up a feast, to the café owner who remembers your name no matter how often you come by.

Wherever you are in Southland there's a coffee spot that fits your style. 

In New Zealand you will find that people mostly drink coffee in the morning, which is different in other countries, especially in Europe where cafés are as busy in the morning as they are in the afternoon. Should you walk into a café after 3pm, you'll find that its still open but less people will be there grabbing a coffee. So keep this in mind when you're looking for that bustling café vibe.

To really feel like a local ordering coffee in New Zealand, order a flat white. Nowadays this drink is on the menu in cafés all around the world, but it was invented here in New Zealand (even though the Australians try to claim it as their own).

A flat white is made with a single shot of espresso and steamed milk, but the milk is not frothy. It can best be described as velvety. It’s really quite good and will give you the chance to drink coffee like the Kiwis.

For more help deciphering the New Zealand coffee menu check out this page: A guide to New Zealand Coffee 

Coffee Facts

  • The world's first instant coffee is reported to have been invented by David Strang an Invercargill native
  • New Zealand has more roasters per capita than anywhere in the world - and some even argue that New Zealand also has the best coffee in the world.
  • Another kiwi, Derek Townsend, lays claim to having given the world its first Flat White (but the Aussies claim it is theirs too).
  • New Zealand ranks as the 13th largest coffee consumer in the world at 0.94 cup per day, ahead of the U.S. and Australia, but behind the Netherlands who drink 2.41 cups a day!
  • 29 per cent of coffee drinkers in Southland said they'd drunk coffee to stay awake, well above the national average of 19 per cent.
  • Our capital city, Wellington, has more cafés per capita than New York City.
  • You won’t find a drip coffee in New Zealand - sorry about that!
  • Most kiwi homes will sport a French press/plunger if they don’t have an espresso machine.
  • Reusable cups are encouraged in New Zealand, with most takeaway cups globally unable to be recycled. Quite a few places in Southland have their own reausable coffee cups (or boomerang cups) like Black Shag Espresso and Eatery, The Auction House, Toasted and many more