Top 10 most Instagrammable spots in Southland

Fortrose Cliffs - The Catlins
Great South

Being the second largest region in New Zealand means there are plenty of instagrammable or instagram worthy spots in Southland that are just waiting to be captured and hashtagged with #mysouthland and #southlandnz  

Here is our top 10 most Instagrammable spots in Southland. If you think you have found some other worthy contenders please share and tag us (@SouthlandNZ) and who knows it might make the list next year!

Stirling Point Bluff, New Zealand

Bluff Signpost

Famous for its signpost, which depicts distances to major cities around the world, Stirling Point is located at the beginning of State Highway 1. This signpost has featured in thousands of travellers' photographs and is a must-do for visitors to Southland. 

Sydney Cove Swing - Stewart Island
Great South

Sydney Cove Tree Swing

Climb that rope and swing out over Sydney Cove’s golden beach. The wind in your hair, nothing but the ocean in front of you. What better way to remember the moment than with a photo?

Lake Hauroko Wharf - Western Southland
NZ Pocket Guide

Lake Hauroko wharf

Stunning to photograph no matter the season, New Zealand's deepest lake, Lake Hauroko always offers an err of mystery and beauty that is any photographer's dream  

Waipapa Point Lighthouse - The Catlins
Great South

Waipapa Point Lighthouse

Driving along the Southern Scenic Route isn't complete without a stop to one of two of New Zealand's only wooden lighthouses. The Waipapa Point Lighthouse looks exceptionally good at sunrise and if you are lucky you may also be able to snap a photo with some of the local wildlife. Just remember to keep your distance!  

McCracken’s Rest - Western Southland
Anke Ruwette
Stop for a wander at McCracken’s Rest

McCracken's Rest

A lookout and rest area perched on the edge of the cliff with commanding views of Te Waewae Bay and other south coast features. The signpost also features distance to nearby villages and islands.  

Cathedral Caves - The Catlins
Great South

Cathedral Caves

Feel dwarfed by the sheer size of the caves. The dark, brooding entrance to the caves are at the northern end of the beach where you will hear the dripping of water into reflective pools and breath in the ocean smells.

Slope Point - The Catlins
Great South

Slope Point

Perched on top of a cliff you will find an iconic yellow AA road sign. The southernmost point on the South Island New Zealand, Slope Point offers spectacular views of the surrounding ocean and coastline. 

Purakaunui Falls - The Catlins
Great South

Pūrākaunui Falls

Pūrākaunui Falls is one of New Zealand's iconic, most-photographed sights. Only a 15-minute return track from the road, these waterfalls are a definite must.  

Welcome Rock Trails - Northern Southland
NZ Pocket Guide

Soaking in the hot tub at Welcome Rock

Watch the sun setting over the Mataura Valley and Eyre Mountains with extraordinary views all while soaking in the hot tub 1100 meters above sea level. 

Hump Ridge Track - Western Southland
Pink Penguin Studio

Stumping the Hump

There is no better felling than finally reaching the top of the mountain to see the spectacular views over Fiordland and Te Waewae Bay. When you stump the hump on the Hump Ridge Track you will want to remember this accomplishment for years to come.