Whitebait Fritters

Whitebait Fritters and Milkshake
Great South
Classic New Zealand Whitebait Fritters

Perfect a Kiwi classic with this recipe for whitebait fritters. Serve with a squeeze of lemon juice and white bread smothered in plenty of butter.



  • 250g whitebait
  • 3 Eggs - 2 yolks and 3 whites
  • 1 serving butter to fry
  • 1 serving oil, to fry
  • 2 slices fresh bread, whichever your favourite is
  • 1 squeeze lemon juice, to serve


  • Mix whitebait and egg yolks in a bowl with a little salt and pepper.

  • Whisk the whites in a separate bowl until almost firm, but not dry, and gently fold them into the yolk/whitebait mixture (key - don't stir the whites in too vigorously, gently does it when mixing the two together or you'll lose all the air from the egg white).

  • Heat up a fry pan, add some butter and olive oil (just enough to stop the butter from burning) and dollop spoonfuls of the whitebait mixture into the hot butter. 

  • Fry until golden on both sides and jam the fritter into some freshly buttered bread, or just eat by themselves - with a dash of lemon juice. 


Original Recipe by Kris Boult - Stuff