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Our adventure rides are designed with everyone in mind. Our horses are perfect for intermediate through to experienced riders however lessons can be arranged for beginner riders prior to going out.

For beginners that want a trekking experience our horses will naturally follow along as you are lead by a knowledgeable guide. You can sit aboard your trusty stead and enjoy the views or you can learn the finer points of riding as we go. Experienced riders can go for a ride with opportunities to trot and canter, confident in the fact you have an independent mount, as our intelligent horses know how to ride without following along too.

It’s not all about riding though, we can teach you the basics of horse care and horsemanship, as well as providing team building activities, pony rides in the yard, lessons in horse care and riding, barefoot trimming instruction, or even join us mustering!

Rides may be available at short notice but we are often committed to other farm activities, so we strongly recommend booking in advance - especially if you're seeking a beach ride as they are only available at low tide.

Te Taunga Adventures
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