Regulations, Consents & Permits

Regulations, consents and permits are important considerations when planning events. This section lays out the important details to ensure your event is compliant.

Traffic Management

Traffic management planning is essential to ensure the safety of event participants, spectators, volunteers, and staff, as well as minimizing disruption to users of public roads.


Event organisers need to obtain permits to use council or DOC land to host their events, and for activities such as filming, mobile trading, public signage, and fires. 

Alcohol Licensing

To ensure the safety of your guests and to comply with relevant laws, it is essential to understand the regulations around organising events that involve the selling or supplying of alcohol.


Events may require a resource consent (e.g. for significant noise or changes to the site of the event) and/or a building consent (e.g. for temporary structures and marquees).

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