Welcome Rock Trails - Southland, New Zealand
Welcome Rock Trails, Northern Southland © Air New Zealand

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Embark on an unforgettable journey to paradise in Murihiku Southland, where every road leads to extraordinary experiences.

Southland is a land of wonder, and at its heart lies the Southern Scenic Route, a road trip like no other. This iconic route has earned its place as one of the top 10 drives in the world. Whether you have four days or five, any time is the perfect time to set out on this adventure that stretches from Dunedin to Queenstown, embracing the essence of Southland along the way.

For the history buffs, Southland is a treasure trove of captivating heritage trails. Each one weaves a vivid narrative of the region, its people, and its deep-rooted connection to the land. Take, for example, the Bluff Heritage Trail, a journey through the rich history of this famous seaport town. With seventeen stops to explore, you'll encounter ship graveyards, ancient churches, century-old buildings, and whispering shipwrecks. This is a must-visit if you've longed for the scent of salt air and the exhilarating sea breeze in your hair.

Invercargill, the gateway to Southland's wonders, is a city with a storied history of its own. Did you know that the first instant coffee was born in its very heart? The city's newly redeveloped CBD still offers glimpses of the original factory. Discover Invercargill's unique past through the Invercargill Heritage Trail, where eighteen sites of fascinating interest await. Capture the elegance of Edwardian architecture and immerse yourself in a city woven with a tapestry of 'firsts.'

Nature will embrace you throughout your Southland roadtrip. Rare wildlife and secluded gems will gift you moments of serenity. From cascading waterfalls, playful dolphins, and prehistoric forests to the songs of rare birds, guiding lighthouses, and star-studded nights, Southland promises an abundance of experiences that will leave you in awe.

Let the open roads of Murihiku Southland be your gateway to a world of beauty, history, and the untamed wonders of nature at its wildest


You're Due South

Are you a Foodie or more of an Explorer at heart? Maybe you’re a History Buff or perhaps you’re happy to be a Free Spirit? Or maybe you want to don your Captain’s hat and rule the crystal clear waters of the region.

Couple on the beach, Stewart Island
Air New Zealand

Romantic Getaways

Have you got an anniversary to celebrate? A date night that’s well overdue? Desperately in need of some time together, away from the kids? Or do you just want to go on a romantic trip with your significant other because who really…

Florence Hill Lookout, The Catlins
Florence Hill Lookout, The Catlins

Tour the Southern Scenic Route

All roads lead to paradise, and in this case it certainly looks like paradise. The Southern Scenic Route has been ranked as one of the top 10 touring routes of the world, and for good reason.

Troopers War Memorial, Invercargill
Troopers War Memorial, Invercargill © Jeremy Pierce

Itinerary for Invercargill

So you're spending 2 days in Invercargill and want to check out all that Southland's biggest city has to offer? Then check out this itinerary and start planning today.

Itinerary to Gore & more

Historically famed for its rural living, Gore in more recent years is in the midst of an arts, heritage & music revival heading up a bit of a cultural renaissance.

Day Trip to The Catlins

The Catlins, the spectacular coastal stretch between Balclutha and Invercargill, boasts a rugged beauty and untouched quality that is magnetic. 

Boy in Milford
Great South

Fiordland Family Experiences

Known for its spectacular waterfalls, imposing mountain views and deep blue lakes, this slice of New Zealand's most famous pristine wilderness is home to a number of cool experiences making it the perfect family holiday destination.

Kids playing in Queens Park, Invercargill
Queens Park © Videocopter

Invercargill Family Experiences

Travelling with the kids can be one of the greatest memories to reflect on (but we totally know it can be a challenge to keep the kids entertained). Here’s some of our best insider tips to make your trip to Invercargill memorable with…

Porpoise Bay - Southland, New Zealand
Gayle Hogue

The Catlins Family Experiences

The Catlins, a magnificent coastline region, attracts visitors with its rough beauty and unspoiled quality. A world of native forests, deserted sandy beaches, glittering bays, gushing waterfalls and secret lakes awaits you here. The Catlins…

Playground with children - Gore District
Gore District Council

Gore Family Experiences

The Gore District is a fantastic destination for a family vacation with so many activities to choose from it doesn’t matter how old you are or what you’re into! Here are some of our best insider tips to make your trip to Gore…

Takitimu Mountains - Southland, New Zealand
Jeremy Pierce

From Farms to Fiords

Looking for a relaxing rural getaway that is both enjoyable and affordable? A farm vacation might be the answer, and it’s only a short drive or flight away. Agritourism is becoming increasingly popular, as farmers recognise the value…

Sheep Farm - Southland, New Zealand

Heartland Agritourism Adventure

Keen to get off the beaten track? This adventure will take you into the outdoors and fresh air of rural Southland, making you wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner. 

Heritage & Culture Tour

Southland and its capital city, Invercargill hold strong ties to a bygone area which is easily witnessed in the stunning Victorian and Edwardian architecture across the city centre.

Welcome Rock Trails - Southland, New Zealand
Welcome Rock Trails, Northern Southland © Air New Zealand

The Big 4 in 4

The untouched beauty of Southland provides a natural playground, no matter what your passion. As New Zealand’s ultimate outdoors destination for cycling, walking, fishing, photography and history, Southland captures the…

Crazy about the Catlins

Departing the big smoke of Invercargill, my eye is drawn to the waving harakeke flax bushes that edge the farmlands down in the deep deep south. I’m road tripping to the Catlins and there are amazing gems to discover.

Northern Southland Biking - Welcome Rock Trails
Videocopter NZ

3 days Mountain Biking in Southland

For those who like a challenging mix of off-road climbing and technical descents across all types of terrain, this epic 3-day mountain biking itinerary takes you to three of Southlands most exhilarating cycle trails: Motupōhue Bluff…

Perenuka Mountain Bike Park
Perenuka Mountain Bike Park - Credit Great South

4 days Adventure Mountain Biking in Southland

For those who are looking for longer, scenic rides to challenge their fitness this 4-day itinerary around Southland’s dramatic landscape offers the perfect setting for your next cycling holiday, showcasing untouched forests, fertile…

Southern Scenic Route by EV

The Southern Scenic Route is one of the top 10 touring routes in the world, and we can tell you it is super EV friendly. From lush rainforests and deserted beaches to pristine lakes and chiselled cliffs, it’s all waiting to be enjoyed…

Eco-Friendly Fiordland

An unrivalled world-class tourist destination like Fiordland National Park comes with great responsibility to protect it. This pristine region offers an abundance of sustainable activities and experiences that allow you to immerse yourself…


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