Sustainable Serenity

An Eco-Friendly Fiordland Experience

An unrivalled world-class destination like Fiordland National Park comes with great responsibility to protect it. This pristine region offers an abundance of sustainable activities and experiences that allow you to immerse yourself in nature while preserving it for future generations.

Lake Manapouri
Liz Carlson

Fiordland National Park

A vast expanse of Fiordland was made a scenic reserve in 1904 and then a national park in 1952. Later editions of Hollyford Valley in the 1960s and the Waitutu forest in 1998 brought the total land area of Fiordland National Park to…

Day 1

Walking in Fiordland

The tranquil lakeside towns of Te Anau and Manapouri are the perfect places to start your adventures in Fiordland National Park. From there, the drive into Fiordland is an adventure by itself. Allow yourself enough time to take in the awe-inspiring scenery of the towering mountains around you. Take a break at the beautiful Mirror Lakes, go for a walk to Lake Gunn or see spectacular views at the Hollyford Valley Lookout.

"Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints" as you explore Fiordland by foot and take up the challenge of exploring Lake Marian & Marian Falls. This extraordinary, little-known slice of paradise will exceed your expectations. The lake sits in a 'hanging' valley once carved by glaciers and is framed by snow-capped mountains. The track is well-formed but can be rocky in sections and quite the scramble up, but we can promise you: the sight of this crystal-clear alpine lake is well worth the effort! On a sunny day, a very refreshing dip is highly recommended! This walk can be self-guided or with an expert from Trips & Tramps who can spot the rare birds for you and tell you all the stories and insights about Fiordland's human and natural history.

If you can't get enough of Fiordland, staying the night at Milford Sound Lodge, Milford Sound's only accommodation, cannot be missed. They're passionate about managing their environmental impact by supporting local, using sustainable products, and setting themselves the goal to be paper-, plastic- and landfill-free by 2025. They also offer world-class dining at their Pio Pio restaurant, serving locally sourced produce, such as wild Fiordland venison and local blue cod.

Day 2

Flying in Fiordland

This day is all about seeing the sheer size and beauty of Fiordland National Park from above by taking a birds-eye-view. Go on a scenic flight and jump on Fiordland's only seaplane from Wings & Water to see the sheer size of Fiordland from above. The owners have a passion for the beautiful region they live in and its protection and conservation. They have begun calculating their Greenhouse Gas Emissions and shall improve their energy-saving techniques and introduce carbon off-setting initiatives to reduce their net emissions value over time.

After all the excitement, a stroll along the shores of Lake Te Anau might be what you need. Take in the beautiful scenery and dip your toes (or more) in this refreshing lake. The Te Anau Bird Sanctuary/Punanga Manu o Te Anau is located on the lake's shores and is worth a visit. The sanctuary allows you to peek at some of New Zealand's unique birds that are difficult to see in the wild, with the rare flightless takahē being the star of the show. The birds here have either been injured and cannot survive in the wild or have been involved in captive-rearing programs. The injured birds are rehabilitated and, if possible, released back into the wild when strong enough. 

If you want to learn more about Fiordland National Park, we highly recommend heading to Fiordland Cinema to watch Ata Whenua - Shadowland. This film takes you on an unforgettable cinematic journey through one of the most awe-inspiring landscapes on earth. Another film, Deer Wars, tells the epic story of helicopter deer culling. Introduced deer had become destructive environmental pests in the Southern Alps. This documentary shows how helicopter pioneers turned a national ecological disaster into a major export industry - but at a cost. Both movies are a must-see for any visitor to Fiordland.

A great day should finish with an even more fabulous meal, which you can find at The Fat Duck or Redcliff Café in Te Anau. Both restaurants serve delicious Fiordland Venison directly from the paddock to your plate.

Stay the night at Fiordland Eco-Retreat, a self-contained home with stunning views in every direction. The outdoor hot tub powered by solar panels is just one example of their sustainability efforts. Enjoy this luxurious escape while knowing you're keeping your environmental impact minimal. Thanks to your booking, a native tree will be planted on the owners' land as part of their reforestation project.

Lake Te Anau

Lake Te Anau is the largest of the southern glacial lakes and the second largest lake in New…

Day 3+4

Cruising in Fiordland

Now that you've seen the size of Fiordland, you may realise you've only seen a glimpse of it thus far. An overnight cruise in Doubtful Sound with RealNZ will take you deeper into the untouched, hidden landscapes than you've ever been before. RealNZ is working hard to reduce their carbon emissions, to make sure they use as many sustainable products as possible and have stopped using single-use plastic items. Going on this cruise, you'll create lifelong memories by taking in the unspoiled nature around you, listening to knowledgeable nature guides, enjoying meals prepared by your onboard chef, exploring the water from a kayak, or even taking a brave plunge. Breathe in the fresh air and be mesmerised by cascading waterfalls and spectacular wildlife. The next day wake up in one of the most beautiful places and watch the sunrise before making the journey back ashore.

Anyone who comes to this corner of the world should consider themselves privileged to visit Fiordland National Park. To keep this remote and pristine environment, we must be considerate of everything we do to have a positive impact on the region. We hope to inspire and encourage you to continue to do the same work when you return home.


Doubtful Sound
Graham Dainty

Doubtful Sound

Few lakes are more beautiful and mysterious than New Zealand’s second deepest lake, Lake Manapōuri - often referred to as New Zealand's loveliest lake. The peaceful township of Manapōuri lies on the eastern…