Cabot Lodge venison
Francine Boer

Our Food Icons & Gems

The heart and soul of Murihiku Southland food icons speak of tradition, innovation, and the beauty of this region.

Rakiura Stewart Island salmon, a gift from cold, clear waters, is succulent in taste, world-renowned, and packed full of nutrients. Then there’s the legendary Motupōhue Bluff oysters, exquisite in taste and texture, reminding you that life’s most precious treasures often come from the deep blue. Fancy a taste of the wild side? Te Rua-o-te-moko Fiordland venison steps up to the plate, bold and untamed, just like the landscape it comes from. But don’t stop there – try the humble swede, a down-to-earth vege that’s a reminder of Murihiku Southland’s roots, grounded in tradition. Don’t forget Hokonui Moonshine, a once illicit rebel that whispers secrets of a time when rules were made to be broken. 

So come hungry, come curious, and get ready to uncover the food icons and gems that make Murihiku Southland a place where every meal is a journey and every bite has a tale to tell.


Food Stories

Where to Eat and Drink in Southland

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to places to eat and drink in Southland. There's an abundance of restaurants, bars, cafe's, bakeries and pubs scattered throughout every region, so have your choice. Click on the image below to find a place for you to eat. 

Places to Eat & Drink

Southland is home to a huge number of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, takeaways, dairies, pubs and bars, scattered throughout every region. Friendly Southlanders serve up delicious meals and beverages to visitors and locals…


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