Moving to Murihiku Southland

Living at the southern edge has taught us the value of strong, connected communities. We believe in creating a sense of belonging where everyone is accepted for who they are and can thrive as their authentic selves. Our communities are built on deep roots and a shared desire to work together for the common good.

Our streets are safe, our education is top-notch, and the cost of living is affordable. Owning a home is within reach, and you won't waste precious time sitting in traffic. Our sporting, cultural, and community facilities are unmatched, providing endless opportunities to connect with others and pursue your passions.

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to each other. When our communities are in need, we come together with open hearts and minds, volunteering our time and energy, donating our money and sharing our resources, and doing whatever it takes to make a positive impact. 


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Buying in Southland

Homes available for sale in Southland, New Zealand. Browse property details, photos, videos, open homes from licensed real estate agents.

Renting in Southland

Homes available for rent in Southland, New Zealand. Browse property details, photos, videos. Book viewings with real estate agents.

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Hump Ridge Track
Hump Ridge Track © Liz Carlson | Young Adventuress

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Our Place

Welcome to our place, Murihiku Southland, the southernmost region of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Here, we have never lost connection to the natural world; we experience its wildness, beauty and abundance… Read More

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Our Story

We look at the world differently down here in Murihiku Southland, it fuels our spirit and enthusiasm for making the most of a place with more space, freedom and opportunities. It makes us who we are. Read More

Awarua Satellite Ground Station
Dave Allen - NIWA

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Working Here

Living on the southern edge comes with unique opportunities and challenges, and we are here to embrace them with big imaginations and even bigger ambitions. We are used to breaking new ground, whether… Read More

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Learning Here

Southland boasts a high-quality choice of schools and unrivalled education opportunities from early childhood right through to tertiary studies. Read More

Perenuka Mountain Bike Park
Perenuka Mountain Bike Park - Credit Great South

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Living Here

Southland offers a laidback lifestyle allowing you to have the perfect balance of work and home life. Read More

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