Moving to Murihiku Southland

Living at the southern edge has taught us the value of strong, connected communities. We believe in creating a sense of belonging where everyone is accepted for who they are and can thrive as their authentic selves. Our communities are built on deep roots and a shared desire to work together for the common good.

Our streets are safe, our education is top-notch, and the cost of living is affordable. Owning a home is within reach, and you won't waste precious time sitting in traffic. Our sporting, cultural, and community facilities are unmatched, providing endless opportunities to connect with others and pursue your passions.

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to each other. When our communities are in need, we come together with open hearts and minds, volunteering our time and energy, donating our money and sharing our resources, and doing whatever it takes to make a positive impact. 

Moving from Abroad

Rich in the things that matter

Here at the southern edge where we are rich in the things that truly matter - resources, stories, ideas, and opportunities. Our community is anchored by the spirit of kaitakitanga, where we care deeply about preserving the natural treasures and resources that surround us.

We believe that community is essential, and we welcome you to join us in experiencing a sense of belonging like no other. We live with more time, more space and less noise. Escape the hustle and bustle of overcrowded cities and embrace the ease of Southern living.

Here in the South, we value hard work and ambition. We cherish the time and space we have to think and the freedom and opportunities we have to create the lives we want.

Here, we foster close-knit communities that stand strong through thick and thin, supporting one another to achieve our dreams and aspirations and helping our people and our place thrive.

Explore the region

Invercargill Central
Stacy Williamson


Waihōpai Invercargill is the regional capital and commercial hub of Southland. Founded in the 1850s, it is New Zealand’s southernmost city - and one of the southernmost cities in the world. Numerous… Read More


Te Rua-o-te-Moko / Fiordland is a place of extraordinary scenic beauty. One of New Zealand’s oldest tourism drawcards, this rugged and remote region offers awe-inspiring landscapes and a wide range of… Read More

Stewart Island

Rakiura Stewart Island is the southernmost and smallest island of the three main islands of New Zealand. Just 30km from the South Island, it is a perfect retreat for those seeking peace, quiet, and… Read More

The Catlins

The Catlins, the spectacular coastal stretch between Balclutha and Invercargill, boasts a rugged beauty and untouched quality that is magnetic. Here you’ll find a world of native forests fringed by high… Read More

Gore District

Gore District, sometimes referred to as Eastern Southland, boasts an eclectic mix of heritage and culture. Famous for its fly-fishing on the Mataura River, its colourful illicit whisky-making past and farming… Read More


Southland’s port, Motupōhue Bluff, lies thirty kilometres south of Invercargill. The town, which is the southernmost settlement on mainland New Zealand, is home to the iconic Bluff Oyster & Food… Read More

Central Southland
Great South

Central Southland

Central Southland is 1.5 million hectares of lush, rolling farmland. The district has always thrived on agriculture, although sawmills, flax and linen-flax industries, lime works, brickworks and tile works… Read More

Western Southland
Great South

Western Southland

Tucked between the towering peaks of Fiordland to the west, the Takitimu mountain range to the north, and the wild ocean to the south, Western Southland boasts spectacular unspoilt scenery and limitless… Read More