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Southland Great Gardens

Southland is full of great gardens perfect for picnics, wedding pictures, relaxation and exploring. Ensure you take time to thoroughly enjoy the beauty of Southern nature and appreciate every flower, fern or tree in some of our most famous gardens.

Southlands great gardens have a variety of perks that make them each great for a different range of activities. If you're looking for parks with less planting and more walking, then you can find some great options here. Otepuni gardens, in the heart of Invercargill, is unique across every block it spans. With its unique large flood banks and beautiful sound of native birdsong, you will delight in taking a short walk through this park (perhaps with your four-legged companion). 

For some, visiting gardens may be purely about taking time to stop and smell the roses, and at Anderson Park you can do just this. This park has some of the most gorgeous roses in all of Southland, with the excellently maintained park being a great place for families to explore and picnic at. Another great family garden is Ivon Wilson Park, where you can participate in disc golf and fishing. Dolamore Park has stunning gardens for exploring and a large range of exotic and native plants. Within the park itself are many other activities for you to do on a family fun day out.

One major aspect of Southlands beautiful gardens is the wildlife who can sometimes inhabit them. Duck feeding at parks is a Southland tradition that many travelers take part in, as long as you remember feed them the correctly purchased duck food from a local shop rather than an entire loaf of bread! 

Explore Southlands Great Gardens anytime!