Couple on the beach, Stewart Island
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Murihiku Southland

The Southern Edge

We look at the world differently down here, it fuels our spirit and enthusiasm for making the most of a place with more space, freedom and opportunities. It makes us who we are.

Nature at its wildest

Imagine a place where you can truly escape the chaos of everyday life and discover your inner self. A place where the locals say you can feel your soul come alive. This is where nature reigns supreme in all its wild, raw, and abundant glory in changing weather and changing seasons.

From the vast open skies and sparkling stars to the roaring rivers, mighty oceans, sprawling plains, and towering mountains, every inch of this land is a treasure to behold. 58% of our land is protected as part of the conservation estate and National Parks; we are kaitiaki guardians of this natural paradise, deeply committed to preserving our rich ecosystems and the precious taonga it holds. So come and immerse yourself in the beauty of this place and rediscover your connection to the world around you.

More life, less pressure

Experience the Southern Edge, where life is more vibrant and fulfilling. We live with more time, more space and less noise. Escape the hustle and bustle of overcrowded cities and embrace the ease of Southern living.

Here in the South, we value hard work and ambition. We cherish the time and space we have to think and the freedom and opportunities we have to create the lives we want.

Here, we foster close-knit communities that stand strong through thick and thin, supporting one another to achieve our dreams and aspirations and helping our people and our place thrive. Join us on the Southern Edge and unlock your full potential in a place where life is more rewarding and less pressured.

Groundbreakers and Dealmakers

Living on the southern edge comes with unique opportunities and challenges, and we are here to embrace them with big imaginations and even bigger ambitions. We are used to breaking new ground, whether it's digging through solid granite to create a route to Piopiotahi, building a power station inside a mountain at Manapōuri, or being at the forefront of hydrogen energy development.

Our location has instilled in us an entrepreneurial spirit and an independent mindset. We don't just stand by; we dive right in with boots on the ground. Our track record of innovation, early adoption of new ideas, and self-belief has resulted in a wealth of successful start-ups and small businesses.

We bring together the people, capital, and resources necessary to put ideas into action and make a real difference. From plant-based foods to sustainable fishing and aquaculture, space operations to regenerative tourism, nowhere in Aotearoa, New Zealand, is as productive as we are.

So, if you're a trailblazer or an opportunity seeker, join us on the southern edge, where anything is possible. Together, we can break new ground and make a real impact.

Thriving communities

Hapori whānui

Living at the southern edge has taught us the value of strong, connected communities. We believe in creating a sense of belonging where everyone is accepted for who they are and can thrive as their authentic selves. Our communities are built on deep roots and a shared desire to work together for the common good.

Our streets are safe, our education is top-notch, and the cost of living is affordable. Owning a home is within reach, and you won't waste precious time sitting in traffic. Our sporting, cultural, and community facilities are unmatched, providing endless opportunities to connect with others and pursue your passions.

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to each other. When our communities are in need, we come together with open hearts and minds, volunteering our time and energy, donating our money and sharing our resources, and doing whatever it takes to make a positive impact. We invite you to join us in building a strong, supportive community where everyone can thrive.

Rich in the things that matter

Here at the southern edge where we are rich in the things that truly matter - resources, stories, ideas, and opportunities. Our community is anchored by the spirit of kaitakitanga, where we care deeply about preserving the natural treasures and resources that surround us.

We believe that community is essential, and we welcome you to join us in experiencing a sense of belonging like no other. Here, you will find a wealth of stories and characters that inspire our creative energy. From the invention of instant coffee by Strang to the legendary Hokonui moonshine and the exploits of Scottish settlers to keep their illegal hooch out of the hands of the law, our history is filled with tales of resilience, innovation, and determination.

We invite you to explore our region and discover the world-class street art in Invercargill or witness the Mandeville Fly-In & Steam Festival. Be inspired by the nationally significant collection of Ralph Hotere’s work at the Eastern Southland Gallery in Gore, or feel the thrill of the story of the fastest Indian, Burt Munro and his record-breaking bike on Ōreti Beach.

Join us at the southern edge, where the door's always open, and the jug's always on. Where our abundance of resources, stories, and opportunities await. Let us share our passion for community, creativity, and preservation with you.

Tū tahi ki te kei - let’s all stand together in the stern of our waka