Need some help deciding what coffee to get while you're travelling around Southland and New Zealand, check out this handy guide!


Coffee Guide


Short black: basis for all coffee styles, espresso is full-flavoured, fragrant, with a velvety body and lingering after-taste; single serving in a demi-tasse (small cup)

Long black: a single serving of espresso, with the same amount of hot water, added; served in a large cup filled to just under the top, or sometimes with the water provided separately

Americano: a long black made in reverse. It starts with a double shot of espresso in a big mug, and then hot water is poured into it. It’s way stronger than drip, but it’ll at least look familiar.

Macchiato: a single or double espresso shot, just stained with frothed milk

Cappuccino: regular espresso with equal parts steamed milk and foam, sprinkled with chocolate or cinnamon

Flat white: the most common coffee ordered in NZ. This is the size of a cappuccino but milkier. It’s made up of one-third espresso. Two-thirds steamed milk and just a touch of swirled froth on top, hence the name.

Latte: regular espresso, topped with hot milk and little or no froth

Mocha/ Mocccino: one third each of espresso, steamed milk, cocoa

Affogato: espresso served over ice-cream

Fluffy: for kids, a demi-tasse filled with foamed milk sprinkled with chocolate and served with marshmallows on the side and a small chocolate fish.

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New Zealanders love their coffee. You might think we're a tea-drinking nation (hello British heritage) but over the past few decades, coffee has surpassed tea as our favourite hot drink. This increased popularity of coffee has…