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Event Organisers Toolkit

Providing you with guidance and the information needed when planning your next event

Whether you are thinking of running a small community gathering or a large-scale festival, the basic methods of event management remain the same. This resource has been created to provide event organisers with advice and encouragement of necessary considerations and conversations needed to run a successful event.

Define Your Event

Before you start any planning, make sure you can be specific about why your event should take place. A clear goal and vision plays an important role for strategy, funding, and planning. 

Promote Your Event

It's time to tell the world about your event! Think media releases, interviews, media advertising, digital advertising, print promotional materials such as posters and flyers, and more. There are endless ways to reach your target…

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Risk Management

When running an event, you need to consider risk in relation to different aspects, such as health & safety, financial, logistical, and natural. Help to protect yourself and those attending your event!

Preparing Your Event Plan

Detailed planning and timelines are crucial to your event's success. Developing an event plan that maximizes the strengths and opportunities for your event and minimizes the weaknesses and threats. Here are some things you will need to…


With many aspects of an event’s finances such as budgeting, funding, sponsorship, and ticketing, check out our finance section to help plan for your event, big or small.  

Event Evaluation

Time to look back and review how your event went. Here are some ideas around how to meet to discuss and evaluate the many aspects of the event, including the planning stages, event debrief and customer feedback.

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Check Out The Region

Whether you’re looking for day trips, a weekend getaways or longer escapes, you will find plentiful opportunities to try the region’s world-famous attractions, locations, hospitality and fare. There is something for everyone and every type…

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