Check out our financial resources below to help guide you in planning all aspects of finance for your next event


Budgeting and financial planning are crucial processes in event management, serving as essential indicators for assessing the viability of an event.


Applying for and receiving event funding or grants can help financially and assist with promotion of your event.


Sponsorship can enhance your ability to deliver a high-quality experience for attendees while adding to your event’s credibility, promotional efforts and financial viability.


Ticketing is an important aspect of your attendees’ experience and is usually the main source of an event’s revenue. 

GST, Taxes & Levies

Regulations that govern business income can sometimes be difficult to understand, however, it is essential that you fulfil your tax obligations, as required by law.


There is an element of risk involved in organising events. Many insurers offer policies to cover event organisers in the case of unavoidable or unforeseen circumstances.

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