In Kind or Contra Resources

There are many ways besides financial support that organisations and events can help each other to fulfil their goals.

Trading specific resources (products and/or services in lieu of cash) that work to each parties’ strengths can be beneficial for all involved.

As with financial sponsorship, In-Kind or Contra arrangements rely on an exchange of value between parties. Events have a wide range of needs that can be met through these types of arrangements and can offer an ideal platform for the right organisations to leverage their goals from.

To be successful, a Contra arrangement should involve:

  • A win-win situation for all parties, generally requiring a certain level of working relationship to be established.
  • A common target market or other shared goals that can be worked towards in a complimentary fashion.

Know Your Audience

  • In-kind or contra sponsors will want your event to connect them with their target market – it helps if this is also your event’s target market.
  • Partner with organisations that are complimentary to your event to enable synergy.
  • Include proof of your attendee demographics and other relevant information in your proposals (where possible).
  • Consider what could add value to your attendees’ experience and how their specific needs can be fulfilled through your contra arrangements.

Build Relationships

  • In-kind or contra sponsorship arrangements can lead to much larger working relationships when managed effectively.
  • Consider the sponsorship a partnership – maintain or build on the relationship where possible. e.g., regular communication such as email or in-person meetings.
  • Ensure you can fulfil the terms of your agreement and provide your sponsor the value agreed upon in return for their involvement.
  • Produce a post-event fulfilment report to highlight where and how value was reciprocated. This can be useful in growing the relationship with your sponsor and ensuring all parties are satisfied with the outcome of the arrangement.

What Does Your Event Need?

  • Examples of event needs that can be met through in-kind or contra sponsorship include:
    • Food and beverage
    • Accommodation
    • Travel
    • Prizes for competitions
    • Giveaways or goodie bags
    • Signage or printing
    • Professional services
    • Keynote speakers
    • Media coverage
    • Promotional opportunities
    • Leverage for other sponsors – e.g. promotion for your naming sponsor

What Can You Offer in Return?

  • Examples of benefits you can offer your in-kind or contra sponsors include:
    • Brand exposure
    • Promotional opportunities
    • Direct access to their target market
    • Brand activations
    • Logo placement on event collateral
    • Tickets to your event
    • Check out our Sponsorship page for other benefits
  • Ensure the associated costs of delivering your side of the sponsorship arrangement are accounted for in your event budget and that they are worth the investment of your time or resources.

Sponsorship Proposal / Sponsorship Agreement

  • Tailor a sponsorship proposal to each potential in-kind or contra sponsor to show the value of their involvement and how it will specifically benefit them. For more information on sponsorship proposals, visit our Sponsorship page.
  • Formalise a sponsorship agreement in writing to ensure that both parties are clear on the terms of the sponsorship arrangement. For more information on sponsorship agreements, visit our Sponsorship page.


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