Learning in Murihiku Southland

In Murihiku Southland, education isn't just about books and exams; it's about gearing up for a future intertwined with the region's natural wonders and opportunities, where learning and living go hand in hand.

In Southland, we've got education covered for all, from early childcare to higher education and adult learning opportunities. Newcomers to the region will discover a variety of schooling choices, from state schools to state-integrated and private institutions. Education Counts is a helpful tool for finding information about Southland schools. Keep in mind that some areas in the region have specific school zones.

Southlanders place a high priority on school education, and we pride ourselves on our innovative learning methods. Excellent student/teacher ratios ensure children receive the attention required to maximise learning potential.

Education Counts

Find schools in Southland District. Southland District. Aparima College · Balfour School · Central Southland College · Dipton School · Drummond Primary School ...

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Hump Ridge Track
Hump Ridge Track © Liz Carlson | Young Adventuress

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Our Place

Welcome to our place, Murihiku Southland, the southernmost region of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Here, we have never lost connection to the natural world; we experience its wildness, beauty and abundance… Read More

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Our Story

We look at the world differently down here in Murihiku Southland, it fuels our spirit and enthusiasm for making the most of a place with more space, freedom and opportunities. It makes us who we are. Read More

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Moving Here

Living at the southern edge has taught us the value of strong, connected communities. We believe in creating a sense of belonging where everyone is accepted for who they are and can thrive as their authentic… Read More

Awarua Satellite Ground Station
Dave Allen - NIWA

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Working Here

Living on the southern edge comes with unique opportunities and challenges, and we are here to embrace them with big imaginations and even bigger ambitions. We are used to breaking new ground, whether… Read More

Perenuka Mountain Bike Park
Perenuka Mountain Bike Park - Credit Great South

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Living Here

Southland offers a laidback lifestyle allowing you to have the perfect balance of work and home life. Read More

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