Kiwi Spotting

Spotting a kiwi in their natural environment is a must-do activity when you're on Stewart Island. The Southern brown kiwi (Rakiura Tokoeka) outnumbers the locals on Stewart Island by a massive 50:1, which means there’s a good chance of seeing this mystical bird at night (and on the odd occasion, during the day!). There are heaps of local guides to show you some exclusive spots and to teach you all about our national bird’s quirky personality and habits. 

Take your pick from one of the operators below to take you on a tour & take your chance of seeing this rare bird in real life.

Kea on the Hump Ridge Track
Pink Penguin Studio


Southland offers some of the best bird watching opportunities & bird sanctuaries in the country. Fiordland & Ulva Island are home to a variety of unusual species. Unique birds like kiwi, takahÄ“ & cheeky kea can be found…