McLean Falls - Southland, New Zealand
Great South


In Southland, there are many waterfalls to visit, some are located right off the road while others require a longer hike, but all are worth seeing. 

The Catlins Waterfalls

The Catlins is home to some of the most spectacular waterfalls. From New Zealand's most photographed waterfall, the famous Pūrākaunui Falls - to the iconic 22 metres McLean Falls and more.

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Fiordland Waterfalls

Fiordland is also home to some breathtaking waterfalls, such as the tallest waterfall in New Zealand: Sutherland Falls (or Browne Falls depending on whose side of the waterfall debate you take) and Stirling Falls, a waterfall you can cruise into.

Fiordland waterfalls from tallest to shortest:

  • Browne Falls (836 metres)
  • Terror Falls (740 metres)
  • Chamberlain Falls (700 metres)
  • Sutherland Falls (580 metres)
  • Humboldt Falls (275 metres)
  • Lady Alice Falls (200 - 280 metres)
  • Bowen Falls (162 metres)
  • Stirling Falls (151 metres)
  • Palisade Falls (55 metres)
  • Helena Falls (50 metres)

Waterfalls of unknown height - but still worth a mention!