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Surrounded by ocean and pasture, Murihiku Southland is the ultimate Surf‘n’Turf destination - a produce paradise. Enjoy the freshest seafood, including world-famous Bluff oysters, Stewart Island salmon, mussels, pāua, and succulent blue cod. Take your pick of exceptional tasting, grass-fed lamb, prime pasture-fed beef, and the finest venison, alongside the crispness and crunch of farm-fresh veges.

Remote, rural and right at the bottom of the world in New Zealand, Southland is the perfect grain-growing country. From the first seeds to the first sip, it’s a pure distillation of God’s own.

Award-winning grower of spray-free microgreens and sprouts, Crunchy is a producer of microgreen blended salts and seasonings. Crunchy food is innovating for a future where urban farming is commonplace.

Situated in the heart of Makarewa, Southland, Davis Downs boasts an idyllic orchard of hazelnut trees. Creating unique recipes and producing small-batch gourmet hazelnut products from high quality, own-grown…

Venison from Fare Game is simply the best you can get. Sourcing most of the wild venison from the Fiordland mountains where lush vegetation, the freshest of water and the cleanest of mountain air is all that goes…

Personally selecting the best local, fresh, natural produce and specialty products and partnering with like-minded farmers and producers. Think of it like a farmers' market delivered to your door.

Fat Bastard Pies are handcrafted exclusively in Southland from their almost famous Invercargill bakery. Fat Bastards can join an online Fat Bastard Pie Club and get fresh glorious pies sent to your door!

Through honouring and respecting the beautiful process of traditional sourdough breadcraft - respecting the ingredients, the time, and importantly, the energy and love given to the technique, a product is created…

A healthier option to keep you going. Forage & Graze’s clean, whole foods are nutrient-dense without compromising on flavour. These home-crafted treats meet a variety of dietary needs and are a real crowd-pleaser.

Based in Ocean Beach in Bluff, the most southern part of New Zealand, Fresh is Best NZ consistently supply New Zealand's top restaurants and the world with the highest quality New Zealand seafood.

Regarded the best clover honey in the world, The Gaston Hunny Shop focuses on the protection and welfare of nature’s hardest workers - honey bees. Garston Valley hives honey is delicately sweet and unpasteurised.

Treat yourself to award-winning venison salami. Produced in small batches and sourced locally, Gathered Game use natural ingredients and is traditionally dry-aged.

Fresh produce tastes and looks like our parents enjoyed. Garden to farmer's market, we sell direct to you, capturing all the sun-ripened goodness, taste and nutrition. Grown by the Greenyard Veges family for yours.

We are a home and market-based business with the mission of making New Zealand’s best homemade fudge with real ingredients. After visiting several fudge shops on our journey, we were left wondering what happened to…

No chemicals are used and environmentally sustainable, the hemp plant has so many uses from medicinal products to animal bedding (stalk left over) and building materials. The entire plant from top to toe has a use!

Family-owned, Kiwi Saffron is used in dynamic dishes in well-known NZ restaurants, by distillers and medicinally as a health food. Raw clover honey from lush Southland pastures is an additive-free product.

With sustainability in mind, Leelands' lambs are grown on pasture that is treasured and cared for. Leelands Lamb cuisine comes to you having been perfectly aged for five days and prepared into convenient cuts for…

Balfour producers, Maharakeke Mushrooms grow fresh, NZ native oyster mushrooms. Our straw substrate is sourced from a local farmer and spawn is DNA verified, you're getting fresh, local, spray-free mushrooms.

Sweeten up your business event with the delicious taste of honey. Miele Apiaries are a family-owned and operated business. who uses low temperatures to extract only the best quality honey as nature intended.

Coffee at the Black Shag
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Brought to you by the creators of the Black Shag Boutique Café, Mint Roastery Café is a small-scale business that believes in community relationships and local supply chains. Sustainability is at the heart of our…

A unique blend made in the heart of Southland, Old Hokonui Moonshine comes in original flavour and manuka smoked. Give gifts delegates remember with handy 100ml bottles, the perfect fit for any goody bag.

Life is not something we should rush through, and we believe that something as simple as a cup of tea can change the world. Enjoy our loose-leaf teas with an open heart and let all things wondrous come to you. Take…

Otama Hazels' orchard is on the terraces of the Mataura River, the most southerly, certified organic hazelnut orchard in the world! No pesticides or soluble fertilisers are used, and tree health is achieved…

Roasted in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. We use ethically sourced, fairly traded and organic arabica beans. We don’t profess to be fancy, but we are sensible, we are simple and we are Southland.

Celebrate Southland produce with Robbie's pickles and relishes. Filled with organic, heritage or heirloom produce. All ingredients are sourced from South Island suppliers. Delight someone with a delicious hamper.

The world's southernmost pure mānuka honey, produced in the footsteps of ancestors from the unspoilt beauty of Ruapuke Island, Aotearoa. 100% raw, natural honey, straight from the hive to the jar.

Southern Seafood Products supply the freshest king salmon and seafood products. Hot or cold smoked salmon delicately cured, Stewart Island King Salmon’s vibrant colour adds impact, superior taste and texture to…

The Seriously Good Chocolate Company
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The southernmost chocolate factory in the world, The Seriously Good Chocolate Company is iconic to Invercargill. They work with you and local suppliers to create unique and delicious chocolates to suit your event.