Applying for and receiving event funding or grants can help financially to assist with the promotion and execution of your event.

Funding is typically acquired through an organisation, local government or government fund; however, crowdfunding is another popular way for events to be supported. Funding can be provided to support the full event or one aspect of an event.


Applying for and obtaining funding:

  • Complete a review of deadline and sitting dates for potential funders ensuring that your event activity aligns with the funding round.
  • In preparation of your funding application, and for a better chance of receiving funding:
    • Review and understand the funder, fund criteria, and goals and objectives for the funding you are applying for. Where possible, discuss your event with the funder and ask relevant questions about the funding available.
    • Make the application concise and clear, explaining how your event meets the criteria and how the funding would benefit more than just the event.
    • Ensure your event aligns with the guidelines for the funding available once you have reviewed the funding round criteria.
    • Apply for funding as early as possible, even if event elements are still under development. This allows funders time to ask questions and if changes for the event occur that may affect funding, these can be amended.
    • Your event budget should be as accurate as possible to indicate what funding is required for the event to be financially viable. Learn more about event budgeting here.
    • Secure quotes for submitting alongside your budget when putting in funding applications as this shows prices included in the budget are legitimate.
  • Once funding is obtained:
    • Ensure there is a contract between the funder and the event stating terms and conditions of the funding.
    • Acquire logos for acknowledgement on promotional material (depending on the agreement between the event and the funder)
    • During your events process, collect any data, feedback or documentation that will be required in post-event accountability reporting.

Post-event accountability reporting:

  • Accountability forms, reporting systems and requirements vary depending on the funder and should be outlined in the funding contract.
  • If your event is required to provide data from attendees to determine satisfaction and/or economic impact, prepare a survey, ready for use during or post-event.
  • Collate all receipts, invoices and post-event reports to ensure all accountability documents align.
  • Most funders require a financial report at the conclusion of an event. Keep your budget management up to date throughout the event as major changes in spending may not go down well.
  • To assist funders with their funding reporting, confirm accountability deadlines and ensure all documentation is completed on time.
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Have you considered:
  • Have you included funding in your budget?
  • What sponsorship does the event require on top of funding?