Places to Eat & Drink

Southland is home to a huge number of cafes, restaurants, bakeries, takeaways, dairies, pubs and bars scattered throughout every region. Friendly Southlanders serve up delicious meals and beverages to visitors and locals alike, offering southern takes on some of the finest and freshest ingredients in the world.

Southland’s landscapes are perfect for farming prime lamb and beef and producing some of the best “wild food”, such as venison, blue cod, and shellfish, in New Zealand - it is definitely a foodie’s destination! Be sure to try local delicacies; Bluff oysters, whitebait fritters, paua patties, Southland swedes or the humble cheese roll. And Southlanders love their coffee, too, so make sure you have a cuppa while you’re here!

For a truly classic kiwi experience, enjoy fish n’ chips on one of the many pristine beaches as you bask in the endless sun of Southland’s long summer evenings.