Kids playing in Queens Park, Invercargill
Queens Park © Videocopter

Invercargill Family Experiences

Travelling with the kids can be one of the greatest memories to reflect on (but we totally know it can be a challenge to keep the kids entertained), here’s some of our best insider tips to make your trip to Invercargill memorable with some great Family Activities.

The Grille

The Grille is an Invercargill cafe that strives to include the very best of New Zealand and…

Queens Park

The pride of Invercargill is Queens Park, a magnificent public park in the heart of the city. The…

Start your day with a special brunch at The Grille by Transport World which have the most decadent hot chocolates in town! Also with a themed playroom, the kids can let their imagination go wild while you sit back and relax.

Head in next door and explore the amazing Transport World, a museum full of classic vehicles that will leave even the least motoring minded impressed. Transport World also has an amazing Lego room that you can lose hours in honing your LegoMaster skills.

A great stop for lunch is The Cheeky Llama at Queens Park, sneak in a quick play outside and go and explore this beautiful central park.  You can try out the Frisbee Golf course as well.  For the littlies, this is a hot spot for rock hunting so keep your eyes peeled especially when you journey through The Stumpery.

We hope you still have some energy because the next stop is Jump n Fun, where you will bounce, flip, jump, and dive at this Trampoline Park that provides a ton of fun.

The Homestead Restaurant

The Homestead is a celebration of everything that makes Southland great. It has been the region's favourite family restaurant since 1983. With a complete refurbishment in 2019, The Homestead offers the same outstanding hospitality…

OK, you may be a little tuckered out now so better stop for some sustenance, The Homestead is the perfect blend of tasty food, modern environment and home to a play area that suits both younger kids and teenagers.  

But wait there's more:

There are plenty of activities in Southland to keep the whole family entertained and many of these are affordable, or even free. Visitors can explore one of the many parks in the region which have playgrounds for the kids, shorts walks and gardens but keep them to yourself. In the larger parks animal reserves and aviaries can often be found. If you’re looking for an afternoon activity take the family out for a hit of golf, there are 25 fantastic courses throughout Southland.