Live in Southland

Live in Southland

Southland lifestyle
Venture Southland

Come and experience the warm Southern hospitality. Southlanders are known as friendly folk who will make you feel welcome and help you become a part of the community.

Southlanders are caring people, with pride for their region and are always looking out for others. The friendly nature of Southlanders makes it easy to play an active role in the community and to get to know your neighbours.  

About the region

With less than 100,000 people covering 3.1 million hectares (12% NZ total land area), Southland is the perfect region to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Work in Southland

Southland is a great place to work and do business. Southland offers a growing economy that welcomes innovation, and has a track record for making things happen.

A balanced lifestyle

With fantastic facilities, a range of activities and a relaxed pace of life, Southland is a family-friendly environment that provides the best of both worlds.


You can get involved and experience the range of sporting, arts, cultural and recreational activities on offer.

Moving to Southland

Choose Southland as your new home and you will find a vibrant, family-friendly community with traditional values.