Hump Ridge Track - Southland, New Zealand
Hump Ridge Track © Pink Penguin Studio


Street Art in Southland

Are you ready for a colourful adventure in Southland? You're in luck because the region is teeming with stunning street art waiting to be discovered. The talented artists of South Sea Spray have travelled far and wide to infuse the towns with their creative magic, leaving behind some of the most…

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Street Art in Riverton

The talented artists of South Sea Spray have brightened up this little seaside town in the deep South with some of the most beautiful murals. Some of the artwork portrays the history of Aparima Riverton, showing references to whaling activity and beautifully portraying the intermarriage between…

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Street Art in Gore

Eight bold and beautiful murals have been painted across town in Gore by various street artists, including ex-Gore artist Sean Duffell. The colourful designs are part of the Streets Alive programme that form an art walking trail for both visitors and locals alike. Streets Alive is a community-driven…

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Street Art in Bluff

Talented artists from Southland Sea Spray have transformed some of Bluff's oldest buildings by creating vibrant and colourful murals; some are on walls that at 100 years old! The artwork is made by Kiwis, and their scale is impressive, with some of the murals being 40 metres long and 8 metres high…

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Quirky Spots in Southland

If you love exploring the quirky, unique, unusual and unexpected, we know where to go! Some places may not be mentioned in the big travel guides, but that doesn't mean they're not worth a visit! These hidden gems offer unexpected fun for the whole family. Here are some of Southland's most wacky and…

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Street Art in Invercargill

Walking around Invercargill, you'll likely stumble across beautiful street art. These vibrant and colourful murals have really brought our streets alive and are worth looking out for. The artwork is as changeable as Southland's weather, so you can be sure to find something new every time. To see all…

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