Scenic Photo Point

Gore Brown Trout Statue

Main Street, Gore

The world-famous trout statue, which commemorates Gore's status as "the world capital of brown trout" is located in the heart of town.

It's a classic Gore welcome, whether you're a first-time visitor or the town is as familiar as family. First, a stop at the trout for a souvenir photo, and then onward.

Just outside of Gore, a world-class fly-fishing destination, the Mataura River spans an astounding 140 kilometres of trout-filled waters. The river is said to be a trout fisherman's dream, with a reputation for being the ultimate in brown trout dry fly fishing. According to some, the streams are home to trout weighing between five and seven pounds.

The best time of year to catch brown trout are in the spring and early summer. 

Many people travel to Gore to try their luck. Some trout are caught, while others manage to elude capture. Regardless of whether you catch or not, make sure to See & Do in the town of Gore. 




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