Embark on a journey to Murihiku Southland, one of the most breathtaking destinations in the world. Located on the edge of Te Waipounamu, this region is a haven for nature and sustainability enthusiasts. From rugged coastlines to lush rainforests and towering mountain peaks, Southland's diverse range of stunning landscapes will leave you in awe. What makes this place truly special is its commitment to preserving the natural environment, making it the perfect destination for authentic and meaningful travel

Sustainable Travel

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in Southland? Discover the region's stunning natural landscapes while supporting local communities and minimizing your impact on the environment with sustainable travel options…

Around 60% of Southland is protected as conservation estate, including both Rakiura National Park and Fiordland National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The region is home to fragile wildlife species such as the endangered Pahu Hector's dolphins, Tawaki Fiordland Crested and Hoiho Yellow-Eyed Penguins, and kākāpō. Therefore, it is essential to protect their habitats. The region's dedication to preserving and enhancing the natural environment inspires visitors to do the same, ensuring that our land, water, and night sky are protected for generations to come. 

Southland is dedicated to sustainable tourism and working with tourism businesses to support them on their sustainability journey. Businesses need to become climate-resilient and work towards the New Zealand Government’s net-zero emissions target by 2050 as the region faces climate change risks. By choosing eco-friendly accommodations, engaging in cultural activities, and supporting local businesses, you can positively impact the world while creating unforgettable memories. 

The region offers an abundance of unique and authentic travel experiences, such as guided walking tours with Trips & Tramps in Te Rua-o-te-moko Fiordland National Park. You can also soar above the fiords with Wings & Water, dive into the deep with Shark Experience in Bluff or try one of the other eco-tourism activities such as kayaking, cycling and walking trails. Many accommodations, restaurants, and attractions are working towards improving their social, cultural, and environmental impact while reducing their carbon footprint. They have adopted eco-friendly practices and are showcasing local fare and a variety of ocean or paddock-to-plate options. 

Sustainable travel is about making responsible choices that promote environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Being a region rich in natural beauty, cycling and walking are popular activities in Southland. By choosing these modes of transportation, you can experience the region at a slower pace and truly connect with the natural environment and the people who call Southland home. Additionally, the region has plenty of charging points, making electric vehicle options easily accessible and supported.  

Sustainable Activities & Experiences

Southland, New Zealand offers a range of sustainable activities and experiences for eco-conscious travelers. Visitors can explore the natural beauty of the region by taking a guided tour of the Fiordland National Park, which is home…

If you're looking for an unforgettable travel experience that is both meaningful and sustainable, Southland should be at the top of your list. From its commitment to preserving its natural environment to its dedication to creating authentic experiences that connect visitors with its unique place, Southland offers a travel experience like no other.